At Trend Landscaping, Inc. we know the value of the outdoors and how you treasure time there with your family and friends.


Commitment to service and attention to detail before, during and after construction is the cornerstone of our business.  You can expect to get the very best design-built landscape project for your money and the best possible service, no matter what the size of your budget.


Whether it’s a front yard landscape or a backyard oasis meant purely for relaxation and entertainment, our team of skilled craftsmen can expedite your dream project with precision and creativity.


Our business philosophy is to respect people with fairness and honesty.  From the down-to-earth way each person is treated, to the safety and performance levels carried out each day on the job, our repeat business is the backbone of our company.


A professionally landscaped property gives a home curb appeal and a sense of value.  A solid investment can add 20 % to the homes overall appreciation.  The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends homeowners invest 10 % of the homes value in landscaping. 


Landscape architecture goes beyond plants, walks and turf.  A seasoned designer, owner Russell Naysmith B.S.L.A., includes features to patio entertainment areas such as pools, pergolas, stone walls, fire pits and fencing.  For extensions to the home, landscape architects can creatively incorporate masonry terraces, decks or outdoor rooms, which are high-yield investments.   Integrating the proper planting details with style is what makes a landscape distinguished and polished.  Details that complete a plan are lighting and ponds or streams with waterfalls to the sooth the outdoor living environment.


The key element to a sophisticated landscape is a professional landscape design.  The common mistake to outdoor projects is to piecemeal plants and hardscapes together.  This can lead to a hodgepodge of materials and detract from the key focus; adding style and purpose to the home and its surroundings. The design takes all existing land features, environmental impacts and architectural details of the home and creates a cohesive plan to fit into the lifestyle of the client.


As a design-build firm, Trend Landscaping, Inc. maximizes customer service by managing a complete project from preliminary designs to finished product with resulting cost economies, better quality control and more efficient and timely execution of their work and effort.  All these factors result in a better product for their clients.


Landscape architecture is a professional design discipline that, in the broadest sense, deals with integrating people and the outdoor environment in a manner beneficial to both.


At Trend Landscaping, Inc. we have a philosophy to provide customers with detailed craftsmanship while using the finest hand-selected materials.  From nursery stock for a specialized planting, to hand-chiseled stone products, to the custom lumber orders needed for a unique deck or pergola, our staff is meticulous in using only state of the art products.


Our nursery stock is carefully selected from a specialized list of wholesale yards whom are the regions leaders in selection and diversity.


Functional uses of plant material:

Besides plants being visually important it is necessary to understand other possible functions as well so that plant materials can be used to their fullest potential in the outdoor environment.  Among the numerous uses in the landscape, plant materials may create space or outdoor rooms, block unsightly views, stabilize steep slopes, direct movement through the landscape, visually unify a group of buildings and modify exposure to sun and wind.  An individual plant or group may serve only one of these functions in a particular setting or it may fulfill a number of them simultaneously.